Warhammer the 20-30 Grind

I have just reached level 22. I find my self hopping from one area to the other trying to speed up the leveling. The game was just so good until level 20, and then it slowed to a crawl. I really have nothing to look forward too. I like the scenarios and ORVR but I need to get to at least level 28 or so to compete in this tier. So I guess I will just have to push through the pain.

Anyway on with what I am doing in game. I have been doing a lot of PKs in the tier 3 zones with my Bright Wizard. I like the PKs and the rewards you get for doing them. I wish that they made more that could be soloed/duoed. I get to the second or third stage and then have to leave even though I would love to finish it.
I am thinking of starting a Witch Hunter just because my Bright Wizard is Witch Elf kibble and I would like to get some revenge. But I have been through human starting area enough to not want to do it again.
It is the weekend I hope to get some gaming in. My Xbox has been pulling me away from MMOs.

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