Rumor: Mythic layoffs affect QA, customer support

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Is it wise for EA to cut people from the QA department of a game that requires updates often? I could be over reacting here, but it looks like EA is giving up on WAR. Giving up may be a little harsh but this game needs all of the support from its publisher that it can get to continue to grow.

According to this site, as of October WAR had 700k active subscribers. This is a very impressive number and it deserves some attention. EA should be putting more money into it trying to get more players. Taking people out of the QA department is a good way to piss off your current customers.

WAR by pre WoW standards would be a very successful game. There are lots of games out there that are great games, but just don’t have the subscription base of WoW and it saddens me that they are hurt by this. LOTRO is a great game but it is not viewed as a success because it did not make the numbers of WoW.

EA could just be transferring QA of WAR to another QA department to save cost.


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