Population Imbalances in Warhammer addressed by Mythic

Mythic Entertainment | Warhammer Herald

We wanted to take a little time to talk about one of the current community concerns: the subject of Faction population differences. Over the past few months, we’ve been closely evaluating the differences in the number of players who actively play Destruction on each server versus those who play Order. We have seen some shifting with free server transfers that has, in truth, improved the Faction population differences. In most cases, the number variances are actually very subtle, but we wanted to share some data with you.

On average, the Faction population difference on each server is negligible; and surprisingly, it is not always the same Faction that has the higher populace. The majority of the servers have an extremely equal Faction population breakdown of 50/50, with the remainder following very close behind. (This is based on active players who are currently gaining Experience and/or Renown Points.)

Delving even further into those numbers and variables, here’s a comparison of the active North American server averages, versus the one that has the most noticeable population Faction difference (Monolith). These percentages were all pulled from the last week. Order percentages are in blue, Destruction in red.

Average of All North American Servers

Active Accounts Per Faction: 49% / 51%
Relative Average Exp. Earning Rate per Time Unit: 50% / 50%
Relative Average RP Earning Rate per Time Unit: 50% / 50%
Average Exp. Per Character: 50% / 50%
Average RP Per Character: 50% / 50%


Active Accounts Per Faction: 44% / 56%
Relative Average Exp. Earning Rate per Time Unit: 50% / 50%
Relative Average RP Earning Rate per Time Unit: 50% / 50%
Average Exp. Per Character: 51% / 49%
Average RP Per Character: 51% / 49%

So, what do all these percentages display? On average, there are slightly more Destruction players, but the rate of progression is equal. And while Destruction does have a sheer character/account numbers advantage on Monolith, in terms of open progression it is also very equal and balanced, and in some cases Order is actually gaining slightly more.

We do realize that numbers alone do not always equate to the very real perception players experience when waging war in open RvR. There are many different variables that can play into what you actually experience, including the time of day/night, the organization and cohesiveness of the group, and player skill. As developers, we also realize that it’s simply not possible to control these aspects, and there are times when one side is inevitably outnumbered on the battlefield. We have always taken that fact into consideration in our designs, and so there are ways to turn the tide in your favor, even if you don’t have the number advantage. This perception of balance is one that is always on our minds as we continue our efforts to make WAR great.

We’ve all seen situations where good organization, communication, cunning strategy, and skill can overcome the odds to defeat a larger, but less organized group. Sometimes that isn’t always enough, but it certainly helps. The most successful groups in any game have appointed strong leaders who give orders, players who listen to those orders and react quickly, loyal guild Alliances that work together, carefully calculated strategies, and often voice chat. We encourage the Faction communities on each server to try out some of these tactics, band together, and build a force to be reckoned with!

As always, we will continue evaluating each server’s Faction population, and will not hesitate to make adjustments if/when necessary to ensure the very best experience for our players.

It is nice to hear that the servers are some what equal. This will eliminate the whining associated with loosing because they have more people. This has annoyed me and I hope that it puts it to rest.

This does eliminate a future blog post I was going to write concerning population balancing.

I still feel that on the server that I play Destro players are a more active bunch then us. They seem to always have more players respond to an attack.

I would like to see a breakdown by class of the population, just for curiosity sake. I doubt that they will provide that but it would be interesting.


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