New Classes in Warhammer!

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I know that this is just a rumor, but with what I have read there is pretty good evidence.

How many game companies have added classes after the game has released with out an expansion pack? None that I can think of.  They have already added 2 classes one month after release now they are possibly adding 2 more at no cost to me. That is amazing. I hope that they continue to do this.

I know they need to work on other aspects of the game but this is still a great addition.

3 Responses to New Classes in Warhammer!

  1. Pilate says:

    Uhm, World of Warcraft has added two classes to each faction as well as an entire race, how many games have done that?

  2. Jim says:

    Yay my first commenter.

    Yes they did but those were paid expansions. This is a free upgrade. Lots of games have added classes and races. EQ1 added many classes and races. Almost every game that has expansions has added classes and races.

    The point is most games charge for this kind of content WAR is doing it for free. Now it can be argued that this should of been part of the released game but that is a different topic.

  3. Dorrin says:

    Firstly yes, WoW’s were paid. Secondly, they were quite a long time after release. As said though, these additions to WAR much like the last two, should have been already there at release. Well, not quite actually as the Dwarf was a Hammerer and now looks to be a Slayer. Good move. Then of course the Chopper for the Orcs. Both needed mind, some additional MDPS.

    On Wow, need to remember that its been out now a long time so its difficult to compare like for like until similar work has been put into it. WAR is still very much in its infancy.

    For the record, I currently pay subs to both.

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