Tabula Rasa

It saddens me each time an MMORPG dies. Most of these games still have people playing them and those people are forced to go find a new game to play. You have invested hours into your character and it is now gone. Why do they close?

I tried Tabula Rasa when it was first released. It was a pretty good game. It had a few performance issue, and it lacked depth. It was easy to jump into, but did not provide me with enough incentive to play for more than a month. I came back to it a few times, and it had only gotten better, but again I did not have much incentive to play. I feel that it was trying to dumb down the experience for new players to the genre. It needs to be easy to start but have depth and lead you into the deeper parts of the game pretty quickly. This lets people get sucked in and develop a bond with their character. When the players develop a bond with their character it makes it hard to abandon them when a little bug pops up.

What really surprises me about TR closing is that it had a pretty strong player base. I believe that it had over 50k subscribers (Source). It had such a good back story. It had huge potential to be a great game. But NCsoft just closed it down. Why not sell it to some other developer? Why not try an alternative payment structure? Or anything to keep it alive? All of the hours that those people put into the game are gone.

There could very well be things that the public do not know about the game, or how much it cost to run. Richard Garriot may require an outrageous fee because his name is on it and the subscribers were not covering it.  I will miss the title. I would have gone back to it a few times and maybe stayed a while. Now I will never know what could have become of the game. RIP Tabula Rasa.


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