Video Games are bad for you!


Are video games any worse for you then TV?

Of course not!

No one in their right mind would believe that crap.  The people making the rules in the this country do not really understand what they are making the rules about.  Anyone that has spent any amount of time playing video games would realize that.  The politicians need to stay out of stuff they do not understand. If you have never played a video game you should not be allowed to make rules about them. /Rant over back to the post

I was around when Doom and Wolfinstine 3D were the games of choice to ban.  Looking back at these games I realize that they looked so bad you could barely tell what you were killing.  Do we have a problem with violence in this country? Does the ever increasing violence have a lasting unknown consequence?

I play all games, and I find more enjoyment out of the ones that have an adult theme to them.  Now I would not let my kid play most of the games that I play until he is older. Becasue I do not think they need to be trying to pick up a prostitute in GTA, they are kids and do not need to know about it yet. But I do not think it would permanatly damage him in any way. I just dont want to explain that stuff to him yet.

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