Return to Age of Conan Part 2

I have spent a few more hours playing this game. I seem to be dieing a lot. I did not think that I would die as much being a tank. The world chat is very active. I enjoy reading chat in world chat it makes the game seem alive. Warhammer’s chat is very boring because there is no world chat.

I really enjoy the adult themes of the game, the blood ,and sexual references. I get tired of PG games. I like a little over the top blood. Especially since warhammer and wow have no blood. This is a refreshing change.

The interface is really gettting to me. The first 3 buttons must be taken by the combat positions. This leaves the other buttons for skills I really dont like using any thing past button 5 becasue it is to hard to reach by touch. So I find my self trying to hit the skill buttons and forgetting to swing. I am going to try some UI addons to see if this changes things. It is almost a deal breaker for me.

The game is starting to show its weeknesses, but it is still fun.

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