Warhammer Hate!

The recent announcement about Warhammer adding classes has had one heck of a backlash in the blogs and forums.  You can read some of  them here, and here.They tend to hit on the fact that these two classes were removed in beta and they are just adding what should of been there in the first place.  They do not mention the new dungeon or the new live events.

Mythic is doing a lot to make this game better. They are releasing content that is normally only released in a paid for expansion. They are doing it very rapidly. Is it not ok to be excited to get new features? It is. Why complain about it?

Why do people feel the need to try to destroy a game if it is not the game they are playing? The WAR and WoW hate is out of control. There is room for both games to thrive.  You hating the game that I am playing is not going to make me stop playing it. Why do you want me to stop playing it? Some day you will no longer like the game that you are playing. It will happen. At that time you will want to move to another game, it may be the one that you had been hating on for the last 2 years.

Warhammer is releasing 2 new classes and a dungeon for FREE. It does not matter if it was in beta or not. Beta is the TESTING stage. Stuff that is not ready for the game is removed. They are not obligated in any way to put that stuff back in. So getting 2 new classes for free is a big deal and getting 4 new classes in the first 6 months is a really big deal and it has not been done before.  You can argue this until you are blue but those are the facts.

I think that all the WoW fanboys are just pissed because they have waited 4 years and only received 2 new classes. They will probably have to wait another 2 for a new hair style and another elf race. Cry more n00bs.

That’s right I just went on a rant about being nice then proceeded to bash WoW.  It makes me feel better!


Nice “Discussion” about this at Common Sense Gamer come join the festivities.

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