Well I have been taking a break from WAR. I have a high tendency to burn out of games and it comes on very quickly. I am not sure what causes it or how to really fix it. I notice that if I find a good active guild I don’t burn out as quickly. So I try to do that but a good guild is pretty hard to find.  I have found a pretty good guild in WAR and it has slowed it down but I feel it coming on very quickly.

What I usually do when this happens is I start to hop games this usually goes on for about a month until I land on some thing that is entertaining. Then I play it for a few months and repeat the process until a totally new game comes out.

I don’t like doing this because I don’t really get into any one of the games and I miss out on a lot of the content. This time I am going to try switching to Destruction and see if that is a bit more fun. I am going to also try to not play as much and maybe mix some of my play time with the Xbox. I may even mix in some other MMO and see how that goes.

Does any one have any good solutions  for burnout?

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