Darkfall NDA is down

Reading Keens little over view on his blog and I must say I am now really looking forward to this game. The reason is the skill based system. I have not read much about this game but just reading that gets me stoked. As I said in a previous post my first MMO was UO and the one thing that I loved about that game was the skill based system. It is still the one thing I miss from that game and no other game has recreated.

I also really enjoyed being able to loot the bodies of the people you slayed it gave dieing a bit of a sting. I will be giving this a try when it comes out.

One Response to Darkfall NDA is down

  1. marky says:

    Yeah, totally agree. what is up with: lets die 25 times a day with no consequences? I always liked pvp b/c you can take the other person’s items and/or money. instead WAR just gives a small debuff that can be bought off. cheesy. the best part about WAR is it does not take a lot of commitment. at this stage its simply a log on, shoot em up, log off. And sometimes that’s the best way to go. The Tome is very cool, but again it’s like playing a game that has an ending…

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