Is Age of Conan the Antidote for Burnout?

Well as I have mentioned in previous post I am trying out Age of Conan to see how it has changed since release. I have also mentioned my feeling of burnout when it comes to WAR. I believe WAR is the better game but there is nothing wrong with playing other games when you get tired of it.

I started a new demonolagist in AoC, I did not really care for the pure melee class that I had started earlier. I must say how great the game looks and it runs smoother then WAR they have really optimized the engine. I hope WAR follows suit because WAR should run much better on the same hardware.  The beginning quest are absolutely exquisite. If they would of continued that kind story telling after the beginning area the game would of been HUGE.

I installed an add on UI the original UI is just huge and takes up way to much space and is not very useful. I find the key bindings a bit burdensome.

I will bounce between AoC and WAR until the new patch is released after that I am not sure what will happen.

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