I get tired of trying to think of titles for my post so you may notice a few random ones.

This weekend was a good playing weekend. As I said in a previous post I have been playing some Age of Conan but that does not mean that I stopped playing war. I got to level 28 on my Bright Wizard. Played a lot of ORVR and realized that if you have an equal size team defending no one wants to try to even take the keep. Every one gives up and wants to take the BOs and that is boring. Why do people not even want to try? It is possible and it is more fun then taking BOs. I don’t know about every one else, but I play games to have fun not to try to screw the opposing team. I don’t care if they make a butt load of RPs off of us, as long as I am having fun. At no time did we get rolled or did I think we were completely out numbered. The lack of trying is really pissing me off.

Leveling is becoming a chore and I do not know how to make it stop feeling that way.  Loot drops are pretty much non existent. So that is not a reason to kill things.  The only reason to kill things is to level. They need to give me more reason to want to level. Quest rewards are pretty much worthless. I get 4000xp for completing a quest. I get 800 xp from killing a mob. What kind of reward is that?  There is really no reason to even do quests.

I was not planning on this being a rant when I started but that is the way that it ended up.  I really do like this game it just needs a few adjustments to be great.  A few of the additions in the next patch look like they are going the right direction I just hope they continue. I need a reason to kill things.


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