Seven Favorites

This is in response to a post on WAAACH!

  • Favorite Zone
    • Troll Country. I have only made it to tier 3 so that may change when I enter teir 4
  • Favorite Race
    • Humans- They are by far my most popular character
  • Favorite Career
    • Witch Hunter- This one was dificult considering my main is a Bright Wizard. I just have more fun playing my Witch Hunter.
  • Favorite WAR Feature
    • PQs I just wish there was more incentive to do them.
  • Favorite Skill
    • My instant DOTs. I love chasing some one down with them
  • Favorite Scenario
    • The cemetry in T3 I dont remeber the name.
  • Favorite Live Event
    • Have not really gotten into them so no comment.

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