The Darkfall debate!

I have been following this whole Darkfall debacle and it seems that Darren at Common Sense Gamer really dislikes this game.  He has never played but he still dislikes it.  I have never played it either but I will wait until I play it to pass judgement. I think he was picked on in school or some thing because he hates PVP.  He wants to hate every game out there that does not beat WoW.  But he plays LOTRO, one of the biggest letdowns in MMO history. This is game has all of the lore written for it, a huge fan base, second only to Starwars. Yet it still failed miserably. How could a company fail this bad with such good material?  Yet he wants to call every game that comes out a failure unless it beats WoW. He needs to measure his own game by the same standards.


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