Weekend playing

Well I was gone most of the weekend but I did manage to get some playing in on Sunday. I recently purchased a Nostromo SpeedPad. It has been wonderfull.  It makes it so much easier to hit a lot of my hot buttons.  So far I am really loving it.

I played my Bright Wizard and got a little ways with him. I did not do much that was exciting. I also started a Knight of the blazing Sun. I really do have an alt problem. I find that I would rather start a new alt then suffer through some of the levels. This is a serious design flaw with most MMOs out there and I hope they fix it some how.

I have been reading a bunch about Darkfall and it is tempting me. I do not know if it will have any staying power but it sounds fun to return to the old times I had in Ultima.  I will probably try it and when I do I will write about it. Right now purchasing is closed so I really could not buy it even if I wanted too.

Played a bit of AoC and while it is fun I still find it feels very similar to all of the other games I am playing. I think I am just getting burned out on MMOs. I so desperatly want some thing new and fun to play that does not feel like all the rest.

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