Tier 3 Fun

Well I spent Sunday playing my bright wizard. I did manage to get him to level 30.  That is a great accomplishment for me. I will be 40 in no time.  I had to spend a lot of time grinding to get this. It seems the only scenario that wants to pop is the twisting tower and as most casters know running around means death. We do not do well on scenarios that require moving a lot. At least I don’t.

I spent a lot of time in T3 trying to take the last keep that was held by destruction. We failed but it was not for a lack of trying. In the end we had 3 WBs trying to get up the ramps and destro had a bunch in the lord room and they held us off until the doors all closed and then we were wiped.  It was great fun it would of been better if we had taken it. After that the WB fell apart and destro took back every thing.

This game has some of the best moments in any game I have played. When the parts of this game work well it is really a spectacular experiance. The RVR mechanic in this game is absolutly amazing when every thing is just right.  I believe that Mythic will continue to fine tune RVR until it is perfect.


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