Disciple of Kain

I have a long held hate for ugly avatars, so I usually play a pretty race like an elf or human.  I usually play a female too. Now for some this is strange, but for me I just like the female character models better.  Now for WAR this lead me to the Order side because they have 2 nice looking races and it would give me tons of room to make alts on that server. So I never tried a destruction character.

So I was getting the hankering for making a new alt and I did not want to make a slayer like all other 300009000 of them. I also wanted a more popular server. I chose Dark Craig which happens to be an Open RVR server too.  I figured that this will give me some new experiences.  I then picked a Disciple of Kain.  I really like hybrids and did not care much for the warrior priest so DoK sounded like a nice class.

I was also planning leveling doing mostly PVP and grinding PQs for the gear. There is some great gear in PQs if you take the time to do them. The scenerios pop real fast on this server, compared to my other server Magnus that takes at least 2omins for each one to pop.  Doing PQs on this server is great, every one of them has people to join, I can actually complete them. This is how the game was meant to be played, with a large population.

I got Jupi to level 8 and I must say it has been a blast.  It is a nice change from my Bright Wizard.


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