Quest Based Advancement

Tobold’s posting about Quest Based Advancement got me thinking about questing in WAR.

I find my self hating questing in WAR. I find very little use for it, when I need to run around for 15min just to finish the quest, when all I get is 4k xp at level 31. Fully rested I get 1500 xp for a single kill. All of that running around gets me 4 kills worth of xp. That is a waste of time.  So unless it has a reward I need I don’t do quest any more.  I just switch characters every week to get my rest xp up and grind mobs in PQs. This gives me the best reward for the time.

I personally like the “Go here and kill 100 of random mobs” type of quest. I like to grind, if I am making noticeable progress. My favorite thing in WoW was to farm leather to sell on the auction house. I would spend hours killing the same mob just sell its leather. WAR unfortunately does not have a worthwhile crafting system so I can not have fun doing that type of thing. If I spend half an hour completing a quest I should get more xp then if I killed mobs non stop during that time.  I think at level 30 an average of 12k xp for completing a medium length quest would be suitable.  Give me incentive to want to run back to the quest giver to finish my quest.

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