Runes of Magic

Well I finally got this downloaded and installed then patched. Games that do not update their client to the latest one before they release it annoy me. After all of that I logged in.

The login screen is very nice.

I get into the game and a popup ask if I want to take the tutorial. I say yes and it ports me away where I learn how to walk and click on an NPC. That was the tutorial. To say the least it was underwhelming. At this point I just about quit and logged in to WAR, but I suffer through it. I play a few more hours then log off to go to bed.

I will probably not be playing this game any more. It has some great potential but it seems just a bit cheap.  The map and UI are a little strange. I love the way you get to pick the skills you want to increase that is a very nice system.  The dual classing is also very nice a bit like guildwars but nice.  I did not get to try out the crafting much but it seemed pretty deep much deeper then WAR.  I despise WAR’s crafting it is pretty much worthless.

If you have some spare time I would say to try it out.  Who knows it may call to me tonight when I go to sit at my computer.

6 Responses to Runes of Magic

  1. On release day the cliant had a tiny update. (Like 10 seconds download.)

    They have patched in the interim, which is why you ended up with a download.

    Hope you enjoy it a bit more if you try it again. It really is quite nicely done.

  2. Jim says:

    That may be true if you had been in the beta. But if you were not in the beta and downloaded the client that they instructed you to. It patched for HOURS. They should of made the release client up to date.

  3. @Jim
    I was not in the beta, I downloaded on the day before the release from the euro site, and patched in a very brief amount of time on the day the servers opened.

    US/EU difference maybe?

  4. Jim says:

    I must of grabbed the wrong file or it is a US/EU difference. But I had to install 12 or so patches. It is not just this game that has done that. WAR had 500mb of patches to download on release.

  5. Absolutely, it’s very common for companies to have loads of patches . . . heaven forbid you get a physical copy because those are mastered with a very long lead time! 🙂

  6. Jim says:

    It takes me 2 hours just to install WoW. I think it has to do with both the mac and the windows client on the cd. But I really wish that the time between getting it and playing it would go down. I don’t have to wait for an xbox game to play it.

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