Welcome Back Weekend LOTRO

I played Lord of The Rings online when it was first released. I liked it but did not stick with it. So now with the welcome back weekend I decided to give it another go. I must say it has changed and the changes have been good.

There are a few things that I really like about this game. The environment is just spectacular.  It runs smooth and looks great. It is great to be able to see all of these places that you dreamed of as you read the books.  Turbine has done a tremendous job of bringing middle earth to life. I can spend hours just sight seeing, this is a welcome change for me after WAR, it is  really very boring.

The servers are full of people. This is probably my number one problem with WAR right now, there is no one to do the great PQs with.  The region chat is very active and the world just feels like it has a lot of people in it. It makes getting groups and questing a breeze.  I do not know if it is because of the welcome back promotion or if this game is really that active.

The story line, I like to have a story line to follow.  The epic quest line is a great story that lets you follow your heroes through the game.  I have not experienced this with WAR it would be a very nice touch. There is so much lore to build on it is a shame that WAR has not used it.

Now the things I did not like. PVP stinks! It is pretty much crap compared to WAR.  WAR’s pvp is far superior to it, and almost all other games I have played and is the sole reason that I will continue to play WAR. Nothing compares to to hunting other humans.

The quest system, it is fairly clunky and really does not show you where the quest objectives are. I do not like running around looking for the objective. I want it to point me to it.  I have a very limited amount of time to play and I do not want to spend that time trying to find a spotted bear in a forest that has a rotted toe nail.

I will play this game a bit more and see where it takes me.  I plan on continueing with WAR but some times you need a little change.

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