Anti Virus Software

I happen to be a network administrator in real life.  I have never ran any sort of virus protection on my computer.  I did not like the performance hit or the constant pop ups.  I have gone years with out getting any infections.  I just used smart computing; not downloading files from places I did not trust, using FireFox, and just general common sense.

Thursday morning I read some news about the conflicker worm and decided to make sure I had updated windows. So I click on the little windows update button and what do you know, windows update can not be found. Strange! So I try to go to avg to download the software and run a quick scan, can not be found. Now this is starting to worry me. I grabbed my trusty computer fixing flash drive. Install avg grab the patches from my laptop and run it.  It finds nothing.

I then head to google to find out what the heck is happening. Well after hours I find out that this is a conflicker type worm. I download the cleaner on my laptop and transfer it over to my desktop.  Double click on it. Nothing happens. I have dealt with this before I change the name of the file and it runs. Finds nothing.  Now I am getting frustrated. I throw several different scanners and cleaners at. Nothing is found. I try to boot to safe mode and what do you know it crashes and will not let me get into safe mode.  I take the hard drive out plug it into my now protected laptop and scan it. Nothing! Try a different program scan again nothing.

I work on this for a day and finally find Dr. Webbs cure it. Run it. It finds it and finds it on my trusty thumb drive, cleans it and then my computer is fine. I think that I got it from a friends computer I was trying to fix with my trusty thumbdrive.

Now I want to find a good virus program that would not hamper my gaming in any way at all.  I know Norton and Mcafee are complete crap. I also know that while I use avg a lot it is not some thing that I want running all the time.  I did some research and came up with BitDefender Gamesafe.  It has a free trial so I am trying it out and so far I have not noticed ANY performance hit. I am still not sure I want to spend $24 on virus software, by the time the month is up I will have forgotten how bad the experience was and uninstall it.

One Response to Anti Virus Software

  1. Rivs says:

    Yeah I’m a network admin too, and I don’t use AV. LOL I’ll reinstall Windows before I put an AV on. I heard good things about Antivir. What I do use is a program called Malwarebytes Anti Malware. An awesome program that you have to use manually but it caught everything I ever come across, and it doesn’t affect performance because you have to run it manually.

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