The Winds of Change: WTF!

This is my first post in awhile I have been pretty busy with RL things like building a house and working and stuff. But I find this very interesting.

Original is here

Winds of Change

In our efforts to improve server stability and performance in Open Realm vs. Realm combat, the players of Dark Crag will have the opportunity to participate in a live test of a new system called “Winds of Change.”

The goal of this system is to ensure the best Open Realm vs. Realm  experience for as many people as possible and to prevent server crashes. Overall, this system will only take effect in the most extreme server load situations, and will only happen as a last measure before the zone would actually crash.

In order to accomplish this goal “The Winds of Change” will now teleport a small number of players in Realm vs. Realm lakes to the closest “safe point” when crowds are large enough to threaten the stability of the server. This will generally be the nearest Warcamp, however, it may also be a Chapter Hub within the zone depending on where performance is being impacted the most.

The system will first warn players that the Winds of Change are coming. If performance in the impacted area does not improve the system will select first those who are currently dead on the ground to be moved followed by those who are severely wounded. Those selected will receive a message explaining that they have been moved. We realize this change is inconveniencing to those impacted, and anticipate that this system is temporary while we continue to improve overall stability.

Please note that if you are ported but eligible for contribution rewards such as loot bags or medallions, you will still have an opportunity to win and retrieve them if you were ported during the assault on a Keep or Fortress.

We look forward to your feedback during this test and encourage those on Dark Crag to post here once they’ve had an opportunity to experience the new system.

Thank you for your continued support.

WTF! Who thinks this is a good idea? Teleport people out of a zone because it might crash! Why not fix the servers? Come on how hard can it be?  How can you have massive battles if you are only allowed a few people.  The main point of this game is to RVR but now random people will be teleported out. Battles are limited in their massiveness.  I don’t care what kind of cool name they give this it is total and complete crap. FIX THE GAME! Don’t tell paying customers you cant play here right now, but you can go enjoy some of our great PVE.

Most of the servers are not even full and they need to implement this.  DAoC could support larger battles than WAR. They really need to get this under control. It will only take about once of me getting teleported before I quit.


2 Responses to The Winds of Change: WTF!

  1. Bonedead says:

    I agree. It’s either teleport a few out or let everyone crash. Looking back to DAoC I remember participating in a Relic Raid on Galahad. We crashed the zone. Sure it messed up the raid, but there was such a sense of community after that, because we all did it, go us. The best part was people logging back in, falling to their deaths, being a Mid in Alb PvE areas, it just made the game more fun.

  2. Jim says:

    This “feature” will ruin War Bands. Your once full WB may all of the sudden become empty. I do not know how they think this is a good idea. Porting people out should not even cross their minds. I remember relic raids with 100s of people in them with out the zone crashing. I am guessing that WAR will cap it at 2 or 3 WBs for each side like they do for a city siege. Which is really lame. This whole thing really pisses me off.

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