Darkfall: My first impressions!

I was finely able to get Darkfall, I had been trying on and off since it released.  I installed it patched and headed into the world of Darkfall. I had very high hopes for this game. I loved UO and this game seemed like it was a game that I would love.  Well the only thing Darkfall has in common with UO is a skill system, everything else is complete CRAP. I cannot believe that a game this bad would be released.

The control scheme is completely and utterly useless. It reminded me of SWG’s controls back when it was released (they changed it for a reason).  Why do I have to put my weapon away to loot a gravestone? It could automatically put it away when I go to “use” the grave stone.  I could not get rid of the system chat window no matter how many times I closed it, it would come back.  I could not turn off the shitty music, what kind of modern game does not have separate controls for music and sound effects? There were no descriptions for any of the graphics options. I did not mind the backpack system and the whole dragging and dropping thing it felt more real then the standard of today’s game.

Where are the mobs? I could walk for miles and see NOTHING. How am I supposed to use skills when there is nothing to use them on? All I found was a single orc camp that was completely camped. Why no mobs? UO even had random mobs running around. If I wanted to run through a forest I would go outside or play freerealms.

Combat is really basic and crappy, you click a button and swing a sword. That’s it. Really boring, the only fun part about it is the fact that you have to click each time to swing and hold the cursor in the general direction of the thing you are swinging at. It is like a broken auto attack.  It was really lame. This is the one thing that I wanted them to improve on over UO. It is not 1992 anymore give me variety in combat.

When you die in this game you lose everything. This is a little harsh but I knew about it before I started. They should give you a few minutes before your corpse is lootable like UO does.  I was ganked once and it was the most fun I had the entire time I was playing. This game is almost unplayable and that is just the first 5 or 6 hours.  It has some serious playability bugs that need to be addressed before I will try it again. I really regret paying for it!

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