WAR: Game Play update

Well I have been hopping all over. I think I have started at least 4 alts.  My bright wizard is level 34 and I am having a horrible time trying to play him. I want to play a tank type charicter so I keep trying different ones out.  My BW seems to die really easy and it is becoming a pain. I think it may be my gear so I am trying to grind some PQs to get better gear but it is a long process.

I plan on getting to 40 in the next 2 weeks. I dont know what I will do then. So far T4 is not that great. Most of the time I am on our city is under seige so all of the Scenerios are locked and I am not high enough to really get into defending our city. I hope that this changes when I reach 40.  I have really high hopes for the next big patch to bring some nice PVE content to the game.


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