Warrior Epic Review

Warrior Epic (WE) is a game that takes my love of making alts and makes it a main part of the game.  You use fallen heroes to upgrade your equipment and provide special powers to use in game.  The game is a lot like Diablo II you join a room then go on an adventure, there is no massive open world to run around in.  Each adventure you go on is really just a dungeon crawl, you get experience and a reward at the end of the adventure/quest.

The title is a Free 2 Play title and relies on micro-transactions to pay the bills.  The items you can buy so far do not seem like they will make people super powerful so you should not need to spend money to compete. The item that I think is the most useful is the double exp potion, I hate leveling and this helps out a bit. The appearance items are very nice but they seem a bit spendy to me about $5  for a different looking sword, I think they should be about $1. I could definitely see how this game could end up costing you way more than a traditional subscription based mmo.

Using fallen Heroes or spirits to upgrade your equipment is a very unique idea and I seem to like it so far.  A level one spirit will add 4% to a stat on your weapon or armor, higher level spirits will add more.  Different equipment has different stats to upgrade. This leads to a very complex system to customize your character to your play style. It also leads to you leveling up characters just to increase your stats.  Spirits can also be used as a special very powerful attack, you are allowed to equip 3 spirits per mission and use each once. This really helps out with the bosses and they have a really cool effect.

The game is arranged in rooms, you create a room then random people join when you are all ready you launch the map. This system is very similar to Diablo II and battle net.  I like how quick it is to get into a game but I really miss the open world. An open hub city would of been nice. This would of given you the feeling of a living world.

The missions kind of all seem the same I have only played 8 different maps due to level restrictions for different maps.  This seems to be a problem with the randomly generated maps that games use. They have a set of tiles and art they use and they are randomly put together so they all look the same.  I hope this changes as I progress because it may be a big deal breaker to me.

The game has a lot of bugs, the biggest being a leveling bug that makes leveling way to hard. The developers say that it is going to be fixed soon. This is a huge bug for a game that relies on alts to make your character more powerful.  There are a few little bugs that are not game breaking but a little annoying. The game feels like it was released a patch to soon.  I believe it will get better quickly.

Overall the game is a good second title to a more normal MMO, it is so different that it gives you that break that you some times need between patches or in the slow times during the summer.  I will play it until the next patch for WAR comes out.  It is worth a look if you are in between games right now and for people that like the Diablo style of game.

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