Site Changes

I am trying a new ad provider to try to get more relevant ads.  The new ads are all picked by me and I hope that it makes them less annoying (and more productive).  It will also eliminate the gold spam ads.  Some people ask why do I have ads in the first place? Well I would at least like to pay for hosting $7.99 per month. So far I have not paid for a single month.

I personally do not mind ads much as long as they are not annoying, I may have even clicked on one or two in the past. My wife on the other hand hates all ads in all media, but I figure for her they make programs like adblock.  If the ads bother you I would defitnetly suggest adblock it is a really sweet ad on for firefox. If you are not using firefox please stop browsing the web and go here and download it now! It is safer faster and just plain better then IE.

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