Warrior Epic Game Guide

There is not much info on how to play this game.  Elecjester has made an excellent guide and posted it on the forums. It has been very helpful to me.  Go here to view it.

Here is part of it.  Go to the forums to get the rest with pictures!

Miscellaneous Q&A and Additional Info:

Q) What is Hall Level used for?

A) It is used for a variety of things!, first off it can allow you access to other quests, it determines your “overall” level since you have multiple characters of a variety of levels in one “Hall” and I am sure it will other features down the road tied to it.

Q) What are [Insert name of secondary weapon here] for?

A) When you upgrade your secondary weapon (fist weapon for pit/zerk, pistol for sin, etc) you will see the main bulk of those bonuses when you use a skill that uses that secondary weapon.

Otherwise it is a random chance for that secondary weapon to fire off – in some cases it is a positional thing however, ie: depending on where you are standing in relation to the creature you are fighting depends if that secondary weapon gets used or not.

Q) Character Creation? When Do I / How Do I – Change the appearance of my character please!?

A) The answer is : You start the game out in a mission as a pitfighter right away. Once you complete that mission you can start to alter the characters appearance, but not before.

Q) Seems like there are 2 more slots for “secret” or “hidden” or “unlockable” classes..how do we get these?!

A) You don’t – these 2 slots are for expansion characters to be added to the game at a later date.

Q) How do I get equipment?

A) The answer is two ways:

1st = Cosmetic upgrades, these are fashion items and offer no bonuses
2nd = After completing any quest in ADVENTURE mode – you have a CHANCE to find a piece of equipment.

Q) How do we gain Skill Points? – What is the Maximum number I can earn?

A) You gain 2 skill points per level (level 50 cap atm). You also gain 5 points per achievement rank (3x achievements with 5 ranks each). This brings the grand total to 173 points at lv50 with everything completed.

Q) How do I Summon a Pet? (For classes that require corpses to summon)

A) Monsters leave behind a small pile of rocks / goo / dirt / ash when you kill them. Stand close to the piles, Select yourself (can click on your portrait or push F1) and activate the summon.

Q) How to run a program in Vista with Administrator Rights?

A) 1. Browse to the program you would like to launch as an administrator
2. Right click the program icon and select the option to “Run as administrator”

If all works well when the program is run as administrator, you can opt to always run the program as administrator. In addition, you might want to run the program in compatibility mode for an older version of Windows.

How to set a program to always run as administrator:

1. Locate the program you want to launch with admin rights
2. Right click the program icon and choose the properties option
3. Select the compatibility tab from the window that appears
4. At the bottom of the window, under privilege level, check the box to run this program as administrator

Note: you may also want to run this run this program in compatibility mode if it was originally created for another version of Windows such as Windows XP. To do this simply check the box to run this program in compatibility mode for: and then select the compatible Windows environment from the drop down menu.

5. Once finished setting your options, click Apply to accept the changes

Always run as admin compatible

Q) If I (or someone else drops out) Why do they still get xp / items when I did all the heavy lifting?

A) This is simply a graphical bug – I assure you they receive nothing. Also to note : if you DIE within a game, there is ZERO point in staying in the map as you will get NOTHING when the map ends.

Q) Why do I get more hitpoints on some maps than others!?

A) If you host a game – you will get a bonus amount of hitpoints added onto the max. Ie: If your current maximum amount of hitpoints is 90 if you host you will have 115 (not an exact number! – just an example). However this effect is only temporary and will only last as long as you are the host.


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