Warhammer needs more dungeons!

A post over at We fly spitfires about open dungeons got me thinking about WAR’s dungeons or lack of.  Dark age of Camelot had a dungeon or two for all levels starting at level 5. I loved leveling in these dungeons. They each had their own loot table and lore associated with them.

WAR has these little mini holes that have some mobs in them but no dungeons. The dungeons that it does have are all very high level and I belive are instance with no chance to solo.  I used to solo them in DAoC all the time, I would often end up in a group and we would explore the depts of the dungeon. I made a lot of friends that way.

Create one per tier this would funnel people to them and actually get some interactions going, WAR is way to spread out and the people need to be funneled to make it fun.  Make each dungeon have a little mini opening camp that has solo and group quest for that particular dungeon.  Most of the content should be soloable with the bosses requireing a group. Put PQs through out the dungeon to get people grouping. Mix in some instances for groups on special quest and make them unlock from the previous quest so they tell an a story about the dungeon.

WAR needs something to bring the people together and I think some well thought out dungeons would do the trick. The new PVP dungeon is a step in the right direction. But we need more of that and we need it for all tiers. If people dont have fun in the first few levels they will never make it to the top. WAR needs to keep people playing.

One Response to Warhammer needs more dungeons!

  1. Caliga says:

    I loved DAoC dungeons. I remember doing the same, just rocking up to a dungeon, hanging around the first hallway pulling mobs, and eventually more and more people would turn up and join you and you’d go deeper and deeper.

    WAR’s lacking for dungeons in a huge way, which surprises me, because DAoC always had that next dungeon to go to.

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