Warhammer Producers letter part2

Jeff Hickman just posted part 2 of his producers letter on the warhammer site.  There is some very nice changes coming to the next patch but I want to talk about one in particular that ties in with a recent post I did about dungeons.

That’s not the only thing we’ve done to dungeons. Mount Gunbad has been overhauled and – starting at level 19 – players (with as few as 3 friends) can begin their adventures into its cavernous grottos and murky depths!  In addition to many bug fixes, we have implemented respawn checkpoints. These allow you to recover from a fight that doesn’t go your way without need to restart your expedition from the top. Gunbad now offers a challenging and rewarding option with substantially increased experience and faster access to its many rewards!

This is a great start! But they need to do more, the dungeons need to be partly soloable they need to be a place to make groups with people that are also exploring the dungeon. Grouping for a dungeon is planned and this should not be the case. You should be exploring the dungeon and you should run into other people doing the same thing and you decide to group because together you can go farther into the dungeon. There should be heavy loot and exp bonuses for fighting in a dungeon, and not just quest rewards. We need dungeon sets that are random drops in the dungeon like the rvr sets. I hope that Mythic continues the improvements to the game. So far they are improving it at a very quick pace and it is good.

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