Champions Online Discounted subscription!

Link to Cryptics post

This is the biggest joke I have seen in awhile and no one gets it. This is all a publicity stunt to build hype. Some marketing guy came up with this great idea to announce that they were running out of discount subscriptions then stop selling them. This would allow them to state “Champions online is so popular that we ran out of discount subscriptions”.

Then the next day reopen them up for all the dumb asses that think they are getting lucky getting a chance to get this great deal.

There is not a set amount of subscriptions to sale they can sale as many as they want.  What kind of company would stop some one from giving them $200.

Every one needs to quit praising the company for “Listening to the player” every one has been scammed.

The discount subscriptions are a great deal, especially the 6 month one.  But this whole running out of them is a big stunt.


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