Control Schemes

I would say one of my favorite features of champions online is the ability to control with an xbox controller.  This really lets me just sit back and relax while I play. I spend all day typing and using a computer and I get tired of that position.  I really hope that other companies follow the lead and make their games game pad friendly. Does any one else enjoy using a game pad to a keyboard and mouse?

For my other games I use a Nostromo SpeedPad N52 and it is really nice and lets me switch up positions from my normal office position pretty well. It also gives me easier access to more buttons.  Some people argue that the keyboard and mouse are the ultimate control devices. I find the keyboard to be mediocre at best. It does not offer the comfort and the ability to reach buttons without lifting your hand. When I did use a normal keyboard I would limit myself to numbers 1-5 for my abilities because I could not reach the other numbers easily.

My hope is that developers try to use different control schemes there is something better than the keyboard and mouse.

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