Champions Online Open Beta Review.

Today Champions Online early start opens for those that have a key. I participated in the Champions Online open and closed betas. I did not play much just enough to make sure that I felt preordering was a good idea. But I did play enough to have thoughts on the game.  This will be a first impressions post. I will follow up throughout my time in the game.

Champions online is not like other mmos. It is faster and more action oriented, it is like a console game. I think that is the best way to sum up the game. It is a console MMO. For some this is good for others it is a reason not to play it.

You start the game in a nice little tutorial zone that gets you acquainted with the basic mechanics of the game.  It is pretty short and generic, but it does what it is designed to do. After you save the tutorial zone from utter destruction you get to select from two zones that also need you to save them.

In these zones you will get to select you travel powers and some other powers. You get a few missions that will introduce you crafting and various other things and lead you to saving this zone also. It is very similar to all other tutorial zones in games, the zones are very well done and give you a sense of being important.

The controls for this game are a little different than your average mmo and require a little getting used to. I would suggest grabbing an Xbox controller and using it.  The gamepad just fits the game and makes it very enjoyable to play. Once I did this I did not even try to use the keyboard and mouse again.

The graphics are very nice and ran very well on my machine which I would rate as a mid range machine.  They are supposed to look like a comic book and they pull it off pretty well.  There are a bunch of options to tune it to your machine.

Character customization is absolutely awesome. I probably spent more time trying out new character costumes than I did playing the game.  I wish they had a little more intuitive way of sorting the costume pieces to speed this process up. But if you can imagine it you can do it.

Combat is fast and fun. It is a lot like a console superhero game so if you like those you will like this.  It is simple and you feel powerful.  Questing is a mix of open world quests and instances for the bosses.  Most of them are the go here and kill this type of quests. The single player instances that I did do were very well done and were a lot of fun.

The only real problem I see for this game is its staying power. I did not play that much so I may of missed something. It really does not bring very many innovations that make it stand out from the crowd. The superhero theme and fast combat may be enough but for the mmo player it may just be a passing thought as they move to the next one.  When this releases for the xbox it will be a hit. It is an mmo that will be able to bring console gamers to the genre.


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