Champions Online Questing Problem

I have run into a very big problem with Champions Online that needs to be fixed real soon.  I have discovered that there is a little menu that will tell you where you can get quests. So I tried it out in anticipation of more wonderful questing but I had no quests available.

That is right; at level 15 I had ran out of quests. So I grinded to level 16 and now I have lots of quests available but they are all level 19.  I can’t do them. Somewhere along the way I started doing all my level 15 -17 quests and now I have no quests that I can do. Since almost all new games are quest driven grinding for the next level or two will not be fun.

Will I run into this the entire game? Will I do all of my level 19 quest and when I get there not have any quests to do? This could be solved very easily by making a lot of the quest repeatable.  They could also add a random quest generator that you could use any time.

I hope they address this quickly in a patch.  I may start an alt and try it again to see if I missed something.


2 Responses to Champions Online Questing Problem

  1. JoBildo says:

    Have you gone to Millennium City, and the opposite zone than the one you did the Crisis for? I don’t think the game’s built for you to be able to take one path through the content once and then another later. Time spent in both Canada and the Desert are likely needed.

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