Champions Online Recent Changes

I tried out the new patch and it is not pretty. I had already managed to skip a lot of quest so I am stuck doing quests that are 3 – 4 levels above me. Taking mobs that are higher level than you is next to impossible.

The patch just made me feel weak and less hero like. They also nerfed quest xp which is a really really bad idea. They barely have enough content as it is. If you slow people down they are going to run out of content. This game was not designed for grinding, making people grind is bad.

This game was a bunch of fun in open beta when leveling was fast and you felt like a super hero. They have now gotten lots of money out of people based on those impressions and changed it to a grind that is not very fun. They need to start listening to the players and stop listening to the designers that believe it should be this way regardless of the fun factor. I am very glad I did not fall for the hype and by a lifetime.  If they continue this trend I will be heading back to WAR real fast.


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