Aion Leveling Guides and Maps

Just ran into this site while reading my daily news.

It sounds like one of those pay for guide sites but it is not. It has a lot of information that is useful and free. The maps that it links to are really nice.

I started to look for guides and maps after I was unable to get a strategy guide for Aion. I know they are outdated before you buy them but with the lack of manuals todays games come with it almost makes it mandatory. I don’t want to read a manual on a computer I like good ol fashioned paper.

2 Responses to Aion Leveling Guides and Maps

  1. Sigi says:

    You may also find some interesting free Aion Guides here:

  2. Aion Level says:

    Nice Aion maps thanks a lot just what I was looking for tbh

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