Aion Mini Review

Well I have been playing Aion for about 2 weeks now. I started out playing a scout and selected ranger at level 10. I have gotten that character to level 14 and I gave up. I then created a warrior and selected Templar. He just turned 10. He has been much more fun 1 -10 and I think this class will be much better for me.  So with my play history explained here are my thoughts.

Combat is fun and exciting. It is easy and visually appealing. It does not differ much from that of other games. It seems a little more responsive than most games out.  Downtime between fights is a little more than I am used to, but I have not decided if that is a plus or minus. It is nice to feel like you may actually lose a battle. You to not automatically win fights with equal level mobs in Aion and it is refreshing. Death has a slight penalty at low levels.

The world is vibrant and full of life. It is the best world I have experienced since WoW and Lotro. It is fun to just walk/fly around and explore things. The little towns seem alive. The only complaint I have is not being able to fly everywhere, it just feels like a time sink making you walk when you have wings.

I do not think that the game gives you new skills often enough. I like to have something new at every level and Aion does not give you that. Overall leveling is slow and a little grindy, I cannot even imagine when you reach the upper levels.  I have had plenty of quests to do and they are all mildly entertaining like most other games.

It does a lot of things very well. The way point system is very nice. It makes it easy to share quest locations or find things if you get stuck. It is nice step between a little arrow pointing you where to go and nothing. Crafting and equipment upgrades are easy to figure out and bountiful in the early game.

Overall I think Aion is a pretty good game so far. I believe that it will be a little too grindy for my style of play. The lack of reward for each level and big leveling curve will kill it for me.

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