Warhammer v1.3.2 Patch

Read the full patch notes here.

This patch is still only on the test server. It adds a lot of stuff that should of been there in the beginning and changes some things that I don’t believe is the best way to change them.

The global chat channels should of been there from the beginning. What kind of mmo does not have global chat? This I believe was one of the biggest mistakes that WAR made. If people could communicate out side of the current zone people would be able to group. It makes the game feel more active and  I think this change alone could fix many many problems with populations and PQs.

The beginner guild is a great idea they had it in DAoC and it was one of my favorite guilds to be in. Very casual and a good spot to find groups.  This just makes me wonder why they did not bring this over from DAoC. It also has the benefit of not having any drama.

Make all characters start in the same zone. This one has me mixed. One of the big problems with WAR is the population while leveling is to separated for most of their great PQs to be any fun. I will have to try it to see what I think but on paper I don’t like it. It kills re playability. But it may make up for it with the new quests and people to group wit.

It would be nice if only one PVP zone was active for the first 3 tiers. Make the remaining ones group PVE content or something fun.

While I am currently playing Aion I feel that WAR is my home and I will come back. It has something that I have not felt since the first time I played WoW and UO. I do not think I am the only one to feel this way. I will return to WAR and soon.

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