Review Copies of Games.

Tobold posted his thoughts about review copies of games being given to bloggers.  I agree with him and may even go a little further.  I know most media sources that review games get free review copies. Sometimes they have to return them and sometimes they get to keep them.  They do not disclose that they got a free review copy. I always assume that it is a free copy.

Review copies are standard in the industry. They send them out so reviews can hit the web the same time that the game is released. This will usually boost sales unless the game is completely horrible.  Gamespot, 1up, and IGN do not tell you that the copy was supplied free of charge. I do not see it being required of bloggers either.

Now if the company wants to pay you for the review that is a different case and should be disclosed. That should not even be called a review, it is an advertisement.

So I am starting a new policy. If I receive any games for free for review I will disclose it in the post.

With that please feel free to send me all the free games you want I will give them a fair review!


One Response to Review Copies of Games.

  1. Scott says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary to say anything if the game was given free. That’s how people get informed. If you are getting payed then yes, I agree with you on that. If you get it free just be as unbiased as possible and forget about how much you got payed. Personally, if I got a free game but it sucked I wouldn’t leverage the review score based on the price I paid. Telling your readers that you got a game for free will make them automatically assume that if it’s a high score, you are just basing that on the fact you got it for nothing. That’s just my opinion though.

    I see you have a blogroll as well. Are you interesting in a link swap? If so you can send an email my way. Thanks.

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