New Warhammer Expansion!

I have been thinking a lot about WAR and where it is going and it is about time for an expansion to be announced.  So I am going to do a little speculating on what it will contain and what I hope it contains. Most of this will not be new to any one that reads Warhammer blogs but it is always fun to dream.

Two new races: Skaven/Lizardmen

I know this is not the first time that these have been mentioned as a possible expansion races.

The skaven are a very devious race that live underground and try to take over the world all the time. They believe they are the greatest race that lives and the horned rat will guide them to ultimate victory.  They will try to avenge their ancestors for the the brutal beating they took against the Lizardmen in the 1000 year war.

The Lizardmen will be the Alliance side of the new race. They will defend against the Skaven invasions of their lands. They will call upon the help of the Order races to aid them.

New Continent: Lustria

Lustria, the lands of the lizardmen. The new lands will have content all the way to 40. The lands will be very tropical and warm. The architecture will be Aztec based. It will be an Island and the only way on or off will be by boat.

The Chaos side will be tunnels underneath the island.

New Content

Twenty new scalable instances designed for solo or group adventures of all levels. These are placed throughout the old and new lands. The reward scales with difficulty selected and how many people are involved.

A new static dungeon for every tier in the new lands.  They will have solo, group, and RVR content mixed together.  Lots of quests for each dungeon.

All of the capitol cities will be completed and will be open to capture.

Old world changes

Tiers 1-3 RVR lakes will be combined into one lake per tier. This will keep the player base together and offer a more active RVR experience. All of the old lakes will be turned into epic PVE areas that offer great rewards if you are brave enough to enter.


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