Memoirs of an MMO player: UO PK Hunting

UO is broken up into two land masses one is called Trammel the other is Fellucia.  Trammel was the no pvp area and Fellucia was the full PVP area.  So one weekend my friends and I decided that it would be a good idea to go and hunt murders.  This would be the first time that we had PVPed in UO.

So we get all geared up with our best armor and potions and weapons and transport to fellucia using stones we found on lizardmen.  We throw the stones on the ground and a little gate opens, we walk through and arrive in a barren dead land.

We then make our way to the brit bank, thinking that we will be able to chat with the locals and maybe get the scoop about where to find us some reds to kill. We arrive, and there is no one there. We stand around for a few minutes and discuss what we are going to do now.

About this time I notice that someone is snooping my pack. Great I will get some action! So I reveal the vile person thinking I will smite him where he stands. I start to cast Corp Po….. crap the little bastard stole my black pearl. By this time he has gotten on a horse and is getting out of town. We mount up and pursue.

We follow him over the bridge and out of city limits. He decides to stop and face us; we surround him and start casting. At that time about 6 other people pop out of hiding and kill us in about 3 seconds.  So we run around as ghost watching these people loot all of our best gear and laugh at us.

We run back into town as ghost and get resurrected by the healer. We get some spare gear and head back to get our stuff back. We die again, and again, and again.

So we decide that trammel really is a better spot to play. We decide to head home and realize that we don’t have any more of those magic stones.  So we begin our search for more stones to get us back home.

To be continued….


One Response to Memoirs of an MMO player: UO PK Hunting

  1. Death Angel says:

    You should stick to Trammel, you’re not welcome in Felluca. Felluca is for the powerful, not for the trammites that have ruined the core game mechanics.

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