Return to Lord of the Rings Online promotion

I just recieved this in my email

This is very interesting. I think that Lotro is a really good game and this is a tempting offer considering I am between games and this game is always fun for a short time as long as  I don’t play a damn hobbit an have to deliver a letter.

Offering a free expansion if you purchase a certain subscription seems like a pretty good idea.  3 months of subscription is more than the expansion and it really cost them very little. I do not know if they are offering this to current customers, if they are not they should. I will probably be logging in during the free week and depending no how that goes I may subscribe.  So there you have it email marketing does work. Not only am I going to try it again I am going to post about it on my blog for all of my many readers (all 25 of you) to read.

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