Meet Grigdus the Choppa

I know I said that I would roll a tank but the Choppa was calling me.

Well the first night of the new patch has been very good. I rolled my new destro character and plan on getting him to 40. I got him to 5 tonight and I must say the new player experience is pretty nice. The best part is that the newbie guild has Mythic employees as guild leaders. You can ask them questions and they lead pvp WBs. It is a really cool idea and I think it will make new players stick around.

The quest lines seem to be nicely adjusted and flow from one to the other. It really leads you through the begging of the game and it gets people doing pqs together. It is very well done. When they do this to the other 2 pairings the first tier of this game will be some of the best 10 levels in any game to date.

I did 2 pqs and got a gold bag with a sweet chest piece. I also did some scenarios, lost them all. But overall it was a good return to the game. I am going to enjoy it. You can see some screen shots of Grigdus over at

Here is the sweet armor I got

Grigdus_009 - Copy

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