Warhammer Game Update 1.3.2 and with it my return to WAR

Game update 1.3.2 arrives today.  I have been waiting for this patch to land to return to WAR. I am going to start a new destruction character and go to 40. This will be my first time playing past level 10 on the destruction side.  I am planning on picking a tank type, I don’t usually play tanks so it should be very different from my 40 Bright Wizard. I will blog my journey and review the leveling changes that have taken place since my last trip to 40.

My goals are to level doing primarily pvp and PQs. I will not focus on leveling quickly I will level trying to get the best gear for my tier to maximize PVP effectiveness.  I will post each day I play (with a new baby this is not often). I will take lots of screenshots and post them on scrns.me.

My hope is this little experiment makes me examine and enjoy the game more by really digging into it and trying to get different things out of it than I usually do. I normally just quest and try to level as fast as possible, this usually results in me quitting and going to a different game or starting an alt.

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