Grigdus the Choppa levels 5 – 10

I am still having a blast with my new choppa. I am tearing it up in RvR and Scenarios when they pop. It is nice being the one that is killing the casters and not the one being killed. I can mow through most classes except pure healers they are a little difficult. Playing on this side of the game is different, and I must say that the Iron Breaker and the Rune Priest are far superior to their counterparts.

This does not really bother me much there will be differences in classes.  I have not experienced the OP nature of the Bright Wizard yet and I doubt I will. Having a 40 Bright Wizard gives me a little insight on how to kill them. You know just hit them with an axe once and they are dead. I hope that I can learn some techniques for getting away from melee by playing one against other BWs.

I am still really enjoying the newbie guild it is a great addition to the game. The mythic employees are still getting on every night and getting groups together and playing. It is a great idea and I really think that WAR has reached a turning point and will start growing again.  They need to use the momentum and announce an expansion.

I am really looking forward to the next 10 levels, on my BW these were some of my favorite levels and I hope it is the same.

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