PC Gaming is dead!

This s a bit of a troll post but it needs to be said. After writing my previous post and reading this on reddit I realize that there are still people out there that think the PC is the only gaming platform to play on.  How can they think the PC is a viable platform to develop for?

Most PC gamers are pirates. Then when the publisher puts in some safe guards to prevent pirating the PC gamers get all emotional and boycott or pirate the games.  What are they supposed to do? Just let you pirate the game for free?  If I were a publisher there would have to be a damn good reason for me to even put a game out on the PC.

PC gaming is more expensive. You can’t argue this to even try is just silly. A good graphics card is $300 the same as a console.  It is also more expensive for the publisher. When you make a PC game you have to make sure it works on every different combination of hardware and support it.

I cannot wait for the day that MMOs are made for consoles and don’t suck. I think WoW is the single reason that PCs are even considered for development. As soon as a successful MMO is released on consoles that will be the day PC gaming dies. There are many hurtles to getting an MMO on consoles but it is only a matter of time till those are overcome.

So until then continue to bitch about developers ignoring their core group of players while you download the latest sims release.


4 Responses to PC Gaming is dead!

  1. Scrunt says:

    “Most PC gamers are pirates.”

    Assumption, not fact.

  2. dreamhunk says:

    console gamers are dumb! they pay of r over pirce old use hardware. I wonder what is the failure rates for them consoles. You have to buy ten consoles to play one game game what a joke.

    funny parts is nintendo wii and 360 has pircay over billion now what a joke.

    yea on top of that console game devs are going abkuprt left right and center.

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