Grigdus the choppa enters Tier 2

Grigdus has entered tier 2 after several nights of good tier 1 action and some super fun event activities.  He has entered T2 and is screaming through it.

I am still really enjoying the class. I am grinding PQs and grinding more PQs some of the best gear is PQ rewards and this time I am focusing on being the best I can be in rvr through all of the tiers so good gear is very important.

The Bloodmoon event is a lot of fun. The PQs are easy and fun. The scenarios are not popping at the lower tiers. This needs to be address by the developers now by tying all the severs together for PQs like WoW does. I should be able to join a scenario any time I want and not have to wait. It is even worse when completing a task for an event requires me to complete the scenario 10 times.  The entire weekend it popped once while I was on. This is unacceptable and should be at the top of their priority list.

I plan on starting RVR again at level 15 or so. If you start to early in the tier you just get annihilated and it is not much fun. Then I will try to spend the rest of the tier leveling in RvR. I should be able to get the rest of my gear in those 6 levels and keep my RPs up to my level.

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