Warhammer Online needs real crafting

WAR’s version of crafting is fairly um well shitty. You can’t create weapons or armor. This means that all armor and weapons must drop from PVE or RVR.

This is a very bad design choice for a game that really thrives on quick PVP/RVR sessions.  The core group of players only wants to RVR, they go through the PVE just to get to the RVR in the end.  They would rather buy the gear and specialize it to their build from players.

This would do a few things for the game. It would actually make the auction house useful. Currently I rarely use it because the dropped armor that I need is way too much money or not available.

It would really drive a player economy. It would give low level players something to make money on. In WoW I loved to just harvest leather I would do it all day long just to make money and play the auction house. Buying low and selling high was a mini game for me and one I really enjoyed.

It would also let people customize their armor to really help out their vision for their character.  You could try out those crazy builds that no one else thinks of. DAoC had a great armor and weapon customization system.

Really the biggest benefit would be eliminating the need to try to get a drop in PVE/RVR. You could buy and equip your armor without grinding.

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