Warhammer Online-Tier 1 is free for every one

Will freeing up Tier 1 bring more players into WAR? Mythic/EA are betting it does and I agree. The number one barrier for entry of a game is cost. Free trials try to get by this, but every free trial I have tried ended up getting pushed aside until it was over and I never actually tried the game. I think it will bring in a lot more people than the a normal free trial.

This will also have the side benefit of skewing the first impression of the game it will seem very populated and alive to all the new people. It will also artificially inflate the server populations. This will make the game feel like it is alive and thriving which will actually help it. People do not want to play a game that feels like it is on its last leg. Having a very active beginning experience will boost the health of the entire game.

It cant hurt the game, it is already loosing customers.

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