Bit of a game play update

As I have mention before I am in the process of building a home and that process is coming to an end and almost all waking moments are spend doing the final touches and getting all of the inspections done.

Then after I get into the house I am going to be absent internet for a month or longer. So in anticipation of this I have halted all single player gaming activities and am saving them for my alone time. This is causing me great suffering as I read all of these
reviews of Dragon Age. I REALLY want to play it. But I will stand strong and will wait.

Gaming wise I have not been doing much, I have been dabbling in Lotro, Aion, and WAR. Not really spending much time in any of them. I have been playing WAR to satisfy my PVP itch, Lotro to get the new expansion with the 3 month subscription, and I really don’t know why I keep going back to Aion.

Aion for some reason that I cannot figure out is fun and it keeps pulling me back. It is grindy I hate the whole level 1-10 before you select a class and the wings are kinda lame. But I have spent the most time in that game in the last week. I feel like I am going crazy.


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