Aion I love it, and don’t know why

I have no idea why. But when I get on my computer I somehow end up logging in to it and playing it for hours. Sometimes you have to stop asking why and just enjoy it. I will probably quit latter, but right now it is very enjoyable for me.

I started a spiritmaster and have gotten her up to level 14 and it is a blast. This character is so much more fun than my original ranger I started. Combat is fast and fun. I actually use almost every spell I have in a fight. I feel that I may be a little overpowered in PVE but I don’t care I am having fun. I am enjoying the quests and the grindy feel of the game. The server feels alive which happens to be my biggest complaint with WAR.

I logged into WAR for a few hours this weekend but T2 scenarios are completely dead. This needs to be fixed. All RVR before T4 needs to be instanced and combined with the other servers so we can have some fun. I am going to be canceling my subscription until something is done about the lower tiers. I like to level so I am not going “Grind” to the end game just to have some fun.

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